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Saturday, May 10th, 2014 07:58 am
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This infographic on gothic novels is quite funny, and also made me want to dive into the old, castley stuff. I mostly know gothic from later pastiches or parodies. "Northanger Abbey" comes to mind. One filmed version had longish extracts from such novels, which really added to the story.

Oh, and "Noah"'s being banned, in one way or the other, here and there. Nearly makes me want to see it. But I doubt it's as good as "Life of Brian".

Speaking of raising... I came across this crowdfunding book-publishing thingy, Unbound. Intriguing, although it seems you can only be a wonderful funder, not a regular old buyer. I'm not quite sure I'd want to pay £10 for an ebook. And I'm not interested in having my name in the back.

Take a bow

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 04:38 pm
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Great, I had to Google the title to re-find my journal.

So. I rather enjoy reading books in pairs -- as in, two books in a row (or in parallel) about sisterhood, dragons, China or what have you. Although I adjust my reading for this sort of thing, it's even nice when it happens by chance.

For a bit of light holiday reading, I got humorous chicklit India Knight's "My Life on a Plate" out of the library. Then, at the cottage we rented in Scotland, I found "Buddha Da" by Anne Donovan, a novel in Glaswegian about a family man grasping for enlightenment. What I had not expected here was a parallel -- the main girl characters in each book were fans of Madonna.

So, erh, happy Easter, what?


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