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Monday, April 25th, 2016 06:29 pm
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My daughter's just started cooking at school, and I'm so excited. We've been doing things at home as well, but I'm the kind of person who minds if there's flour all over the ceiling or cooking oil all over the floor and, well, it ends up with me doing most of the cooking in the end. She's a mean cake decorator, though!

Still, quite a bit of thought must have gone into making these recipes that are simple for kids to make; healthy, of course, yet also tasty for all those little tastebuds. So far they've been making salads, next time they'll be frying things.

In a fit of inspiration after all this - by which I mean the measuring and cutting of the ingredients that we have to do first at home - I agreed to try a new muffin recipe from a magazine together with lil'Miss Moo. It involved old bananas and butternut squash, things which we always have in abundant supply and often lack inspiration to cook and/or eat. For once, I followed every step of the recipe, measuring and stirring just so. It's actually quite relaxing, I must admit, more so than consulting a couple and mashing them all up to make a meal. Still, it didn't go quite to plan. At the last hurdle I fell and managed to burn the muffins. Fortunately, a great cake decorator was at hand.

Burger rights now!

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 01:27 pm
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Absentmindedly listening to news in slow German to improve my dismal German and thoguht I heard something about a "Burger movement". Is that anything like a sausage movement, I wondered - after all, this is Germany. But wait. Burger means something else in German. Citizen movement. Right.
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Dragon hug by dolanhThe traditional way to mark St George's Day in England, at least among journalusts*, seems to be discussing why, or how, it's celeberated*. Obviously, I'm on the dragon's side. But I thought I'd try something celebratory this year -- such as defeating evil.

I'm talking about nettles. Stinging nettles that hide in the tall grass, then suddenly, as you're innocently gathering foodstuffs for bunnies, or walking around barefoot, or possibly doing handstands, they leap in the way only plants can. Nettles are rather a useful sort of plants, apparently, which can be used for their fibres, as a fertilizer, or to make all sorts of food and drink (within limits**) -- yet people rarely sing their praises. In fact, I doubt these plants are coveted anywhere, even where they're most exotic and difficult to grow.

So today I put on my fightin' rubber gloves and went out to face the beast. A few hours later and they've been boiled, blended and seasoned beyond recognition. Washed down with a good English ale as suggested by the Beeb, I think that's a suitable way to mark the day of the George. It's either that, or hug a dragon.

* All typos intentionally left in.
** Nettle tea will always seem a bit like grass tea.


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