Two birds

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 05:12 pm
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Here are two stories about birds.

Wisdom the Albatross has returned to Midway. Apparently this is the oldest wild bird we know about. And she's still laying eggs, putting many a chicken to shame. I wish albatrosses a long life, and many happy eggs.

Odin the Eagle has fled. In this bittersweet tale, a golden eagle made a bid for freedom whilst holidaying with his owner in Scotland. The owner has not given up hope of getting him back, but remains realistic: "If he has not had too much food he would come down to me, but if he's full of food he would not bother."

It's awful to lose a cherished pet, of course, but one part of me can't help saying "Fly, Odin, fly!" and hoping he manages out there in the wild.
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BBC York/North Yorkshire.

At first I thought it was a crazy cross between camelid and sheep, but it turns out this was a completely normal camel calf (calf?) born to a camel mum, albeit one kept without a male. Then I thought it might be a case of delayed implantation, where the mother had hung on to the fertilised embryo without it developing for a long time. Turns out the farmer has only had the camel for a little over a year, though, and camel pregnancies can last 13 to 14 months.

So basically, it's a story about a newborn camel. But it's very cute!


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